Them: Roll of Honour - Cambridgeshire - Wisbech 1914-1918

to the undying memory of all wisbech men who gave their lives for us in the great war 1914-1918 their name liveth for ever

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ALICE - ALICE NSNs It's not clear to me if the following items are all ALICE or not. Also what's LC-1 and LC-2 mean? (probably Load Carrying #1 and #2, but what's the.

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Person Page - 4606 - the peerage Citations BP2003 volume 2, page 1889. See link for full details for this source. Hereinafter cited as. [S37] L. G. Pine, editor, Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.

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Roll of Honour - Sussex - Bexhill-on-Sea in proud and grateful memory of the men and women of bexhill who gave their lives in the fight for freedom 1939 - 1945 at the going down of the sun and in the